5 natural home remedies for better hair care
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No matter which part of the country you belong to, bad hair day is a real thing. With the chemical-filled water running through our washroom taps, maintaining both hair quality and quantity is a task, and this is when we are not even using coloring, curling, straightening etc. More often than not even the best hair care products for hair growth are not sufficient enough. So today we will discuss on homemade hair treatment and natural hair treatments for hair growth and best hair care for hair loss,

Hair care made easy

Oiling: Sure, oiling your hair for hair care sounds a very general thing. Everyone knows that oiling is good for our hair but mixing some natural ingredients with oil can help you fight with some specific issues. For dandruff add camphor balls (kapur used in the puja) to your oil) to get rid of dry scalp. For split ends and damaged hair tip add fenugreek seeds (methi) and boil it before applying. Adding lemon to oil and then applying it helps in getting rid of itchy scalp. If you want to make your hair stronger and healthier arm the oil in an iron utensil before applying it. The iron mixed in oil provides better hair growth.

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Onions: Shred an onion and squeeze all its juice in a bowl. Apply this juice gently all over your hair like a hair pack. Wash off your hair after 2 hours. Do this thrice a week. It helps with a lot of hair issues like grey hair, hair fall and damaged hair. It improves both hair quality and hair quantity serving one of the best medium for best hair care for hair loss.

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Diet: A good diet is key to all health issues and hair care is one of them. Fruits like banana provide silica to the body that helps in the formation of collagen which is responsible for making our hair stronger and thicker. Beetroot is rich in iron which helps in hemoglobin formation. Hemoglobin in the blood helps in making our hair stronger and healthier and also reduces hair loss.

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Dairy: Dairy products like sour cream and yogurt can also be very beneficial for skin care and hair care. The lactic acid present in these products gently takes off the dust and impurities while the milk content helps in providing moisture to the hair. Just damp your hair with sour cream or yogurt and keep it for 20 to 30 minutes, after that rinse it off with first warm water and then cold water. Repeat this once every week for best results.

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