5 reasons, why running is the best exercise

Today we will be talking about something that we all have done at least once in life, running. We have all heard that running is the best exercise but why? What makes it so beneficial for our health and give us the most efficient results. Well without further ado let’s finally find out all about running and how is running good for you to lose weight.

Running is the best exercise

All workouts and exercise have their own benefits; however, running has always been the most efficient and easy to follow a routine. Things that make it the best of all are:

  • It is easy and manageable: No matter where you are or what are you doing you can include running in your daily routine very easily. It doesn’t need any type of equipment or a specific time as such, making it very handy for people who travel or have a very busy schedule.
  • Running benefits for the body: It increases the oxygen intake of the body and boosts up the body metabolism. It makes the lung’s tissues stronger and enlarges its capacity.
  • Running helps in losing weight: It burns a huge amount of calories and provides a healthy slimming of the body. The best type of running to lose weight is when you switch between walking, jogging and then fast running in 1-minute intervals.
  • Relaxes the body: studies have shown that running induces the secretion of serotonin in our brain which is responsible for calming down our body and release unwanted stress thus helping us to relax more.
  • Improves our mental health: Running is the best exercise to lift up your mood and release happy thoughts in your mind. Evidence has shown that running results in a positive prognosis on people suffering from a major depressive disorder.

Running is the best exercise for developing stamina and lower body muscle. It strengthens our bones and tightens our muscles providing strong and well-carved legs. Now you know why you should run, so pull on those shoes and go running today.

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