7 Best Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight During Festivals

As one festival gone by, here again, a new festival is coming. And we have consumed so many calories just for the sake of festival. Every festival brings different tradition with different foods. Who doesn’t like festivals, but wish it could be possible without having calories and putting on weight.  We Indians don’t celebrate any festival without sweets and we all know how much calories sweets have.


Here are my quick tips which we can keep in our mind and can cheat on some calories:

1. low-fat or sugar-free

It is not possible to stay completely away from sweets during festivals since festivals in India are all about sweets. And if you are cooking at home just make sure you are using low fat and sugar-free ingredients. Select food items by checking the calorie content and other nutrition information.

2. Start your day right

Even its holiday or some festival make sure to have a healthy high protein breakfast which will help you to stay away from unhealthy eating. Protein in breakfast keeps you full for longer. Protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss.

3. Keep counting

Just keep track on your calories because if you want to maintain or lose weight, calories are everything.  If you are eating calories more than the requirement of your body in a day no healthy diet can work. No protein diet or carbs or fats will work so calories count matters a lot.

4. Take care of oils

Since you have planned to cook fried items now make sure you use good quality of oils and in less quantity. Oils can do wonders in your food both in a good or bad sense.

5.Don’t overeat at all

Make sure you eat less if you are cheating on your diet. Just try to pick the smaller pieces if someone is offering and that is the time we have to pick always even if we do not want to. If you are eating at the wedding or some party just pick the small plates which will help you to avoid overeating.

6.Stay strong

Mostly food habits come from family. If you have chosen a healthy lifestyle now you need to change your habits for a lifetime. Never forget every single day, every single meal counts.  Food is personal, which is why it’s no surprise that some relatives will take your personal health decisions as a slight against them. You need to stay focused on your goals.

7.How water can help

Drink a lot of water is the tip for every day. It has nothing to do with some occasion or your unhealthy day but drinking water can surely help you on your unhealthy day. The tip is if you have eaten a lot or had an unhealthy drink, having hot or lukewarm water post your meal will help a lot. Make sure to drink one glass of hot water before going to bed which will help you to burn your fat. This is magical and really can help you if you are done with overeating and left with no choice.

Hope you like the article.

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