Rejuvenating the Definitions of Health and Wellness

Coined by one of our founders by marrying the words shape and you, we as a brand are synonymous with supreme fitness, health and wellness services.


A journey that started with the recognition of the ever-growing necessity and potential of the fitness and health industry in the corporate sector of India, due to long working hours and realizing the lack of health/nutrition education among our people, ShapeAndYou set foot in the industry in the year 2017 as a corporate fitness organization. Creating a blend of traditional practices and modern day body fitness secrets, we aim to achieve a top most position in the health care, fitness and nutrition industry.


We understand the varied needs of the customers across various domains, who wish to achieve a healthy and fit body, the right diet plans, day to day health and wellness strategies and much more, all at the comfort of their home, educational institutions or within the premises of their corporate workplace.


We comprehend that you are disappointed by a lot of data, an excessive number of clashing thoughts, and relentless exhaust promises. Your struggles to find the right solution, are our inspiration to take care of you.


So, whatever your health concern is and wherever you belong, ShapeAndYou will have a solution for you at your disposal in no time.

Get to know the founder.

Shape and You

An IT professional doing a stressful 10 to 7 job for four years, nothing out of the ordinary, except the fact that she realized the challenges faced by corporate employees to achieve their desired fitness goals and good health.


Her passion to transform the lives of people and help them take a step forward towards their fitness, led her to start this journey which was a passion and a necessity for human well being and health.