Are no carbs spoiling your relationships
Shape and You

No carbs is getting popular. Many people are going for extreme measures and extreme diets to meet their fitness goals. No carb diet is one of them. In such diets an individual tries to go for a no carb meals which keeps their body from weight gain and hence achieve their weight loss goal. But the question arises how efficient is this diet without carbs and is it actually helpful at all? What are the consequences of such extreme diet on us and our relationships? Let’s find out.

Life with no carbs

Human body has its own set of requirements in the form of minerals and nutrients in reasonable amount on a regular basis through our meals so that it can function properly and efficiently. Depriving it from any of the nutrient that constitutes a balanced diet can lead to adverse impacts on our body and health. Keeping that in mind when we deprive our body of carbohydrates which is one of the very essential nutrient requirement of our body, our body is impacted adversely and even though it doesn’t make much sense it affects our relationships too. Some common consequences of a no carbs diet and how it affects our relationship are as follows;

  • A no carb diet makes you feel weak and lethargic. You don’t feel like participating in any kind of activity with your partner or any friends or family as you are tired and exhausted all the time. This distances you from them and gradually decreases the quality of relationship that you share with them as they feel you have no interest in bonding with them.
  • Hangry is an actual term when it comes to no carbs diet. Absence of carbohydrates in our meals makes us easily irritable and unsatisfied hunger makes us even angrier. This angry and frustration often is taken out on the ones close to us. For the first few times it is still okay but as the time passes the continuous presence of irritation and anger in a relationship brings out more negative feelings and the quality of the relationship is compromised.
  • Apart from this a no carb diet leads to a lot of health issues such as constant headaches, diarrhea, nausea, stomach issues etc. this further adds on to the distress in a relationships most of the time the partner feels like he/she is sacrificing his wishes because of your health and so the relationship starts to degrade with time.

So at the end I would suggest take a proper balanced diet consisting of every nutrient so that you enjoy a healthy and fit life in all aspects.

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