Are supplements good for health?

If you just make a wish on the wishing star, eat curd before going for the exam and do all the other stuff for good luck, do you think you will pass your exam without studying and putting in efforts. I am not saying that you shouldn’t do all this, but luck works only if you possess the pre-required skills for the expected result.

are supplements good for health

The same is the case with supplements. Whether they will work positively or not completely depends on the skills you possess and the efforts you put in through exercising, yoga etc. If you think that you can just escape all the hard works and directly lose weight or gain muscles through supplements than you should pop that bubble off right away because that’s not how it works. To understand the working of supplements, you first need to understand supplements.

What are Supplements?

Supplements, as the name suggests is a replacement or an alternative substitute to the original requirement. It can be in the form of a pill, tablet, powder, capsule etc. They  are generally of two types

  • Natural Supplements: these supplements are extracted from food sources.
  • Synthetic supplements: these supplements are manufactured in industries and are generally isolated nutrients.

Many studies done usage of supplements shows that supplements on their own have negligible affects on any weight loss or muscle gain program unless clubbed with a healthy diet and proper exercise.

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Pros and Cons

You know, I read somewhere, the best way to decide whether you need something or not is by making a list of its pros and cons and then see what you need. So why not make this easier

Benefits Risks
Many children and adults may have mineral deficiencies or even malnutrition. In such cases, supplements help in overcoming these deficiencies and build up their health. Using supplements as a replacement for prescribed drugs or with other prescribed drugs can lead to several health issues if not taken under proper supervision.
Some supplements are very beneficial for the detoxification of our body by providing it the necessary nutrients. Overdose of some supplements may lead to conditions like hemophilia, arterial blockage, kidney or liver damage etc.
The geriatric population often undergoes several health issues due to a lack of vitamins and minerals in their bodies. Medically prescribed supplements help in fulfilling these requirements of their bodies. Some supplements use products that may not be suitable to our body and may affect the body adversely.
Some supplements when paired up with a healthy diet and proper workouts, may work as a catalyst in getting better results on the fitness realm. Over dependency on supplement hamper the body and interfere with the normal functioning of body metabolic functioning
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What to keep in mind before opting for supplements

Supplements can be beneficial if taken with proper caution and ample information. So before you go for your pack there are few things that you should keep in your mind:

  • Number one and most important is to never use the supplement as a replacement for your daily meal. A proper healthy diet is always required by our body no matter how many supplements you have to offer.
  • Discuss with a professional or a health expert before adding any new supplement to your daily life.
  • Don’t fall for eye-catchy and over appealing advertisements, more than often the only thing they have to offer is fantasy.
  • If you are undergoing any medical issues make sure you properly take your doctor’s advice on usage of supplements and follow only that.

At last, all I have got to say is every coin has its two sides. It depends on you and how you make your decisions that will determine whether you will be benefitted or not. So be cautious and well informed before taking your supplement, and maybe a little bit of extra luck won’t harm you.

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