Ayurveda approach for exercise during periods.

Being a woman is tough. Especially in the field of fitness, it brings a lot of challenges along with it. One of the most prominent challenges faced by a woman is menstruation and its affect on their workout regime. There is a lot of confusion about whether or not one should exercise during such time and today we will see what Ayurveda has to say on it. So if you have questions like can we do exercise during periods or not, what Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle during Menstruation can help, what workout during period is beneficial or what are affects of exercise during menstruation we are here with the answers.

Ayurveda says on exercise during periods

Ayurveda approaches menstruation not as a problem but as a process for eliminating toxins from a woman’s body. So in order to enhance this process, it suggests to not overexert the body through external stimulus as already the body is going through so many internal changes. As per exercise and workout are considered, this is what Ayurveda has to say on it:

exercise during periods ayurveda
  • The vat is related to movement components in Ayurveda. Excessive movement may disrupt the body’s natural balance. During periods, the body already faces a lot of movement internally, in such a scenario lot of exercise and workout adds on to the body movement which may result in discomfort during menstruation.
  • There are a lot of changes taking place while menstruating. In such a case, the body feels exhausted from the inside and it may show up externally as well. So it is suggested that while menstruating one should go easy on the body and do not make it go through excessive pressure. Light walking during periods helps with the symptoms and also provides required activeness to the body which makes it very beneficial during period.
  • As far as yoga is considered, according to yoga while menstruating, it is preferred to stick more to the only Pranayama such as anuloma viloma, bhramari andutgeet etc. these pranayama helps in better circulation of blood throughout our body providing us more energy which is much required during this time. It is suggested not to indulge in high intensity aasanas and vyayam that require a lot of strength and stamina.
pranayam exercise during periods

Keep in mind the above suggestions along with a healthy balanced diet so that you can have an easy and comfortable menstruation cycle.

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