Ayurvedic drinks for weight loss in summer
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Weight loss is one of the most common fitness goals in today’s world. Having a slim and perfect body shape is an idea admired by many and especially with the summer coming we all want our body to look fabulous in our summer clothes. However, an exhausting lifestyle and poor diet plans make weight loss in summer a bit difficult to achieve. But there is a healthy and easy approach towards weight loss too. Yes, I am talking about the Ayurvedic approach towards weight loss. So here we are with this article where we will discuss best Ayurvedic drink for weight loss.

Ayurvedic drink for weight loss

Fluids and drinks are an important part of our meal plan especially in summers where excessive water loss in the form of sweat makes a rise in the body’s demand for liquid intake. If done right, these drinks can actually enhance weight loss and serve us much more than just refreshments. Below are a few Ayurvedic drink for weight loss;

  • Lemon water: Having lemon squeezed in warm water every morning helps in weight loss. Lemon water is said to be low in calories and gives a filling sensation to our body thus reducing the calorie intake. It also helps in boosting up of body metabolism that further enhances weight loss.
best ayurvedic drink for weight loss
  • Haldi tea: Boil haldi (turmeric) in a cup of water and also add finely chopped ginger to it. Once it is boiled properly filter it remove ginger chunks and have it 15 to 20 minutes before exercising or doing yoga. Apart from all the health benefits that the drink provides, having it before workout helps in enhances the loss of body fat in the form of sweat.
ayurvedic tea for weight loss haldi tea
  • Dalchini tea: Dalchini (cinnamon) tea is another very effective Ayurvedic tea for weight loss. Just oil dalchini powder in water for taste you can also add honey into it and drink it first thing every morning for amazing results. Dalchini boosts up body metabolism and initiates weight loss in a very healthy and fit manner.
best ayurvedic way to lose weight dalchini tea

Well, these are the three very effective and useful Ayurvedic drinks for your weight loss. Include these drinks in your daily routine to achieve your fitness goal. Also apart from these, have a lot of water every day to enhance your weight loss and make your body slim and summer-ready.

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