Can eating rice make you lose weight

Rice is one of the most common and cheap food grain available in the world and almost every Indian consume rice as a part of at least one meal per day. It is easy to cook and filling as well. But can eating rice make you lose weight? Does rice make your belly fat? Let’s find out.

Many of us believe in the myth that rice makes you gain weight. The carbohydrates and calorie content of the rice leads to an increase in weight. However, that is not true. Rice has a low-fat content and is easily digestible by our body; it provides us Vitamin B, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Fibre and many other nutrients and minerals required by our body.

can eating rice make you lose weight

How can eating rice make you lose weight

In order to consume rice in a weight loss plan, it is necessary that we know how to have rice so that it is most beneficial for us. First of all, let’s talk about time, the best time to eat rice to lose weight is during lunch. After lunch, you still have half a day left where different activities done by your body will help in the digestion of Carbs in rice. It is generally not suggested at night as after dinner one goes to sleep and the body is not that active to digest the calories consumed.

Next, is how much rice should I eat a day to lose weight? According to Health and Fitness Expert Mamta Dagar, it depends upon person to person. The amount of rice that should be consumed depends upon the age, gender, appetite even the profession of an individual. She suggests having boiled rice instead of fried or creamy rice. She also suggests pairing your rice with a lot of green vegetables that are rich in protein to provide an overall balanced meal.

how much rice should i eat

So we are not saying to eat more rice to lose weight, but there is no need to cut down on your consumption of rice to lose weight as like every other food grain rice has its own benefits which are necessary for a healthy body.

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