Cheap food items eat daily for good health

People have a misconception that healthy food means expensive food. This is what de-motivates many from going for a healthy diet. But it is not true. There are several cheap food items that are really good for health. So how can we make cheap healthy food? How to plan cheapest sustainable diet? What is low cost nutritious food in India? Which are the cheapest whole grains? And which are cheap easy healthy meals? Let’s find the answers.

Cheap food items that are both healthy and budget-friendly

Lentils: Lentils are easily available and low-cost food with several health benefits. It has polyphenols which help in fighting harmful agents present in the body. It is good for muscle health, bone health and cardiac issues as it contains calcium, protein, iron magnesium and folic acid. It has antioxidants that keeps us from cell inflammation and reduces the risk of developing diabetes and certain cancer.

Spinach: Spinach is packed with nutrients such as protein, minerals, fiber, vitamin and antioxidants. They are very beneficial in cell generation and regeneration. The fiber content strengthens out guts and solves digestive problems.


Oats: Oats are another health packed cheap food items that is very beneficial in several ways. It has fiber which helps in keeping a healthy digestive system and well-executed bowel movements. It also reduces the risk of developing heart diseases and is very filling in nature satisfying your hunger to the most.


Cottage cheese: Cottage cheese is a great protein source and thus helps in controlling our appetite and maintaining our weight. Other nutrients such as calcium and phosphorous ensure good and healthy bones.

Cottage cheese

Eggs: Eggs are one of the cheapest and easily available health sources. They have minerals such as zinc, phosphorus and iron which helps in maintaining a healthy immune system. The protein enrichment makes sure to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

egg cheap food items

Popcorn: Yes you heard it right our very own budget-friendly snack is actually very healthy (the one puffed on the stove and not the packaged buttered or salty popcorn). These cheap food items have an abundance of antioxidants which helps in maintaining cell growth and polyphenols that fight harmful agents present in the body.

popcorn cheap food item

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