Dark truth of fitness industry kept as secret
Shape and You

Fitness industry is very appealing to all. Every individual has their own set of fitness goals these days. But how healthy actually is this fitness industry? What are the hidden truths about the fitness industry, and what is the dark side of the fitness industry? Let’s find out.

The reality of fitness industry

When we talk about the fitness industry, most of us stay on the surface level which shows mostly everything good about it, like a perfect body, perfect figure, well-toned muscles etc. which makes us to believe it is everything we want for ourselves. As we go in deeper and explore more we find out some harsh truths about this industry which might make us want to take a step back and rethink our fitness goal. So here are a few facts about fitness industry, you should be aware of;

  • Extreme diets: In order to maintain a perfect figure and well-toned body, many fitness models tend to go for extreme diets. They starve themselves beyond normal human capability and make their body adapt to a process in which only a very small portion of food or just protein is enough to satisfy their hunger needs. This proves very harmful on both their physical and mental health as their organ system do not receive enough calories or energy to carry on with their everyday activity making them prone to hundreds of diseases and disorders.
fitness model
  • Supplements: Supplements have always been one of the most controversial topics in the fitness world. Almost all the people in this industry use some supplements to enhance their workout results but there are fitness models who over do it and take steroids or has trained their body to survived only n it depriving it from real food. This creates a deficiency of many essential minerals and nutrients in the body which proves very harmful in the long run.
  • Surgery: Another horrifying truth in the fitness industry is plastic surgery. May fitness model get implants and other surgery done on their body every now and then to have the perfect cuts and shape. Many times they don’t get it legally done due to which they take the risk of getting it done from immature illegal practitioners who might cause them some permanent physical damage and other health issues.
model plastic surgery

So be aware of the reality and don’t get blow off by just the superficial layer of something so that you achieve your fitness goal in a proper and healthy manner.

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