Does body type matter? know your body type.

Many people complain about no matter how less they eat they can’t lose weight or no matter how much they eat they can’t gain weight muscles. Well, apart from diet and workout one more factor that plays a role in meeting your fitness goal is your body type. So what are the body types? What is your body type? How can you tell your body type? And how to eat for your body type? Get all your answers and know your body type here.

The three body types

In general we can divide humans into three body types as per their build-up, personality, nature etc. and that are Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph. Let’s see the difference between them:

  • Ectomorph: People with ectomorph body type have a lean body build up. Their fast body metabolism makes it difficult for them to gain weight or muscles. From a psychological point of view, ectomorph appears as quiet, artistic, socially awkward and abet self-conscious. To achieve their fitness goal ectomorph should include healthy calories, fat and complex carbs in their diet. Instead of going for cardio and treadmill, they should opt for more strength-building training with multiple complex moves that may help in increasing their muscle mass.
  • Endomorph: Endomorphs are the exact opposite of ectomorph. They have a pear-shaped body and fall more towards the heavy side. They easily gain weight and most of it is in the form of fat rather than muscles. They have a very fun-loving and socially outgoing personality with a good sense of humor. Due to their inclination towards the storage of fat, the endomorph body type diet should include low carb contained and more fat burning food such as spinach or green tea. More cardio and aerobics are proven to be beneficial for this body type of people.
  • Mesomorph: Mesomorph body types are considered to be the blessed ones. They have well built muscular body with high body metabolism. Their body types support well with their courageous and adventurous personality. They have a naturally athletic body due to which any healthy food serves their fitness goal good as rather than fat accumulation, the body stores most of the food as muscles. Their workout routine can range from aerobics to weight lifting to abs workout as per your fitness goal.

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