Does lifting weights make a girl look manly?

One of the most common exercises in a workout routine is lifting weight which apart from helping you in achieving your fitness goal, also benefits your health in several ways. But is weight lifting for women is beneficial? Is weight lifting for weight loss a thing? Will lifting weights makes me bulky? Today we will learn about these entire common questions and clear our myth regarding lifting weight as a woman.

Lifting weights outcomes

Many women believe that weight lifting may lead to them developing a more muscular body which will look very manly. However, that is not true. Ladies weight lifting won’t make you look manly. It works differently for a man’s body as the hormone responsible for the development of muscles in a man’s body that is testosterone is approximately 10 to 30 times lesser in a female’s body in comparison thus differing in the results of lifting weight. Now that we have cleared out what lifting weight doesn’t do. Let’s talk about what it does do.

lifting weights

Fat loss: Lifting weights help you lose unnecessary fat from the body replacing it with muscle mass promoting more calories burnt thus providing a healthier inch loss without compromising on the body’s health and fitness.

Body toning: Since testosterone is not present in enough quantity in a women’s body, lifting weight instead of adding bulk to the body and make it look manly, tones the muscles giving more defining body curves.

Athletic enhancement: Having proper weight lifting training improves and enhances our athletic abilities as it provides more power and support to the body. It works on the stamina improvement of an individual.

Avoid osteoporosis and other body damage: Apart from working on our muscles, lifting weight also strengthen our joints and connective tissue and reduces arthritis, back pain and injury risk. It also improves the spinal bone mineral density enhancing bone modeling and thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Other health benefits: Weight lifting helps in controlling cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. It reduces the risk of developing diabetes by bringing a change in the way our body process sugar. On a psychological level, it improves one’s self-confidence and helps them fight depression to some extent.

ladies weight lifting

So ladies don’t be afraid of lifting weights as it promises more benefits than the ones you thought, and have a happy workout session.

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