Eat potato to lose weight

Today we are here to talk about the friendliest vegetable ever, Potatoes. Potatoes is one of the most common vegetables globally no matter which country, culture or latitude you belong to, you do consume potato in one form or the other. But popularity is always accompanied by its myth. The same is the case with potatoes. Many people believe that the potato makes you gain weight while others believe that you can have a potato to lose weight. So what is true? Let’s find out.

Potato to lose weight

Potatoes contain proteins, vitamins, carbs, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium and a lot of other healthy nutrients which are very beneficial for the body. The potato in itself has a very less fat content and more often than not it is the way you eat it contributes to weight gain than potato itself. Potatoes are very easy to use vegetables as you can put them into just with any other vegetable and it enhances the taste. Potato along with green vegetables is not just super healthy for the body but is tasty too.

eat potato to weight loss

We had a conversation with Health and Fitness expert about can we use a potato to lose weight? And this is what she has to say “see, baked or boiled potato or even potato curry with a lot of green vegetables is very much healthy and can be a part of your weight loss meal. It all depends upon the way you are consuming it. If you deep fry your potato or have mashed potatoes with extra cream cheese and butter obviously you will gain weight but it’s not potato’s fault. Having a potato a day is healthy and beneficial too. If you want to be cautious than eat boiled potato to lose weight or eat sweet potato to lose weight as per your diet plan. Many people are going for a potato weight loss diet. However, I won’t recommend it as this diet lowers on its reliability due to lack of studies and also in some way imparts bad eating habits. The diet plan also lacks some essential nutrients.

is potato good to lose weight

So I will just say that potatoes are harmless towards your weight loss. Does potato help to lose weight? No. Is potato good to lose weight? Yes, because it is packed with nutrients and high energy resources.”

So there is nothing to worry about. You can just relax and eat potato to lose weight but with moderation and in a healthy manner.

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