Everyday balanced diet plan as per Ayurveda

Sahi ho bhog, To koi na ho rog”

Ayurveda is a concept which has successfully shown its importance and efficiency in modern times. Even scientists have accepted the positive effectiveness of Ayurveda and its contribution in a fit and healthy life. Today we will be talking about the concept of balanced diet as per Ayurveda. So if you too have questions like what is an ayurvedic diet plan or an ayurvedic diet chart, helpful ayurvedic diet plan for weight gain or ayurvedic meal plan for weight loss, ayurvedic diet recipes and what are healthy eating habits according to ayurveda, stick with us through this article to get your answers.

Ayurvedic balance diet

The principle of balanced diet as per ayurveda is based on the below points:

  • According to Ayurveda balanced diet you should have 2 meals a day. The breakfast and the lunch. They suggest having a proper heavy fiber containing breakfast like roti & sabji. After this lunch can be a bit lighter than breakfast. The Ayurveda generally don’t suggest eating after sunset but if you feel really hungry you can have small portions of healthy snacks like soy or black chickpea.
ayurvedic diet plan
  • Avoid processed and frozen food and go for more fresh and natural food. Natural food has a maximum amount of energy content which is pure and with no side effects. Also, eat food according to the season as nowadays due to evolved science many crops and foods that are supposed to be seasonal are available all year round as they are grown through artificial means which is harmful to our health.
Avoid processed and frozen food
  • Try to eat more of home cooked food as that way you can be more aware of what is going inside you and make a balance in all the ingredients as per your body’s requirement. Also, it prevents you from having artificial food ingredients that might affect your health. So eat properly and make sure you don’t overeat or under-eat at any time.
healthy eating habits according to ayurveda
  • Ayurveda also says that you should eat within 48 minutes after the food has been cooked as keeping cooked food for a prolonged time before you eat it, makes it lose its efficiency and effectiveness in our body.
  • Try to eat food with a relaxed and calmed mind. Eating in a hurry or while doing some other work leads to mindless eating. This often leads to overeating which we realize about real late. It also reduces the healthy impact of food on our bodies. So do conscious eating rather than mindless eating.
balanced diet as per ayurveda

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