How adding gram into your diet can do wonders?

Grams are a very common and easily available food item in almost every household in India. The commonality of grams does not stop it from being the king of health and fitness. Their amazing properties works wonder in helping us achieve our fitness goal. Today we will be talking about 2 gram, horse gram and black chickpea. So can we eat horse gram daily? Is gram good for weight loss? Does Chana increase weight? Is it good to eat horse gram daily? Let’s find the answers.

Horse Gram and Black Chickpea

Horse gram: Horse gram or kulthi ki daal is packed with nutrition such as iron, calcium, phosphorous, protein etc. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which keep us from infections. The antioxidants help in preventing cell damage. Horse gram has shown its efficiency in curing many medical conditions such as heart diseases, kidney stone, cold, bronchitis, jaundice, ulcer etc. thus proving to be of excellent health source.

Horse gram or kulthi ki daal

Black Chickpea: Black chickpea or kala channa contains a lot of nutrition such as iron, calcium, sodium, potassium and folate. The dietary fiber contained in black chickpea controls blood sugar level thus preventing diabetes. The iron enrichment enhances hemoglobin production in the blood which helps us prevent anemia and strengthen our hair. It improves our gut health initiating better digestion.

Black chickpea or kala channa

How it helps in Weight Loss

Both horse gram and black chickpea enhance weight loss. Including them in our weight loss meal plans work wonders. Here is how they help with weight loss.

Protein content

Protein is a very essential component of weight loss meal plans. Both horse gram and black chickpea have an abundance of it. This protein releases appetite-reducing hormones which leads to less calorie intake and thus helps in weight loss.

Low calories

Horse gram and black chickpea are both low in calorie content. They both satisfy and fulfill your hunger without adding much to the calorie content. This less calorie content food intake helps in reducing your weight without having to tolerate hunger.

High in fiber

Fiber, both soluble and insoluble is very beneficial for health. The insoluble fiber is specially recommended in weight loss plans as it adds bulk to the stool helping in easy defecation. Black chickpea and horse gram have high fiber content making them beneficial for weight loss.

So add this nutrition enriched food in your diet today and prepare for a fit and healthy tomorrow.

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