How do you develop healthy eating habits?


A healthy diet is a big part of any successful self-care plan.Making changes to how you eat is simple, but not easy.  Breaking bad habits and establishing new, healthy routines always requires patience.To make a start, it’s good to first have a clear, honest picture of what you’re currently eating.


Tips for start Healthy Eating :

Limit fast food and junk food.

Don’t skip breakfast.

Eat small and frequent meals.

Keep a regular meal schedule.

Learn to listen to your body’s signals to know when to eat, and when to stop.

Don’t give up everything you enjoy.

Add some physical activities in your routine.

Choose wisely when eating out.

Make fruits and vegetables accessible.

cross check your grocery list and start reading food labels.

Do not skip meals.

Watch your portion sizes.

Take it step by step and keep these points in mind slowly slowly you will see the change in your daily habits.

If i have missed  out some point or if you follow some habits please share in comment box.

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