How fat loss is different than weight loss?

Losing weight is a task. You have to show your dedication and determination to get good results. However what is more difficult is to fat loss. Many people use the terms weight loss and fat loss as synonyms but are they actually the same thing? Well, no. Let’s find out, how fat loss is different than weight loss. And which should we actually target for, weight loss or fat loss.

Weight loss vs Fat loss difference

How fat loss is different than weight loss? Weight loss is when an individual shows a decrease in number on the weighing scale which can be because of both losing fat or/and losing muscles. Whereas fat loss is a specification on losing just the fat content of the body without losing the muscle build-up so that is how fat loss is different than weight loss. Due to the difference in the content of loss, the impact of both also differs. So the difference between fat loss and weight loss as per the impact on the body are as follows

weight loss vs fat loss
Fat loss Weight loss
It is a fitter and healthier way of losing weight as your fat decreases while the muscles remain intact. In weight loss, both muscles and fat our lost so it is not that beneficial for the fitness and health of the body.
As the muscles are intact with lesser fat, the body strength is improved. Due to the loss of muscles along with fat the body strength also declines.
Strengthen muscles and thus a strong body enhances your overall performance Lack of strength in the body effect your overall performance adversely.
Fat loss also helps in boosting up body metabolism and immunity system Weight loss reduces body metabolism and body immunity
It delays signs of aging It shows early signs of aging

How to lose body fat?

Many people ask questions like how can I lose fat without losing weight? How to have a healthy weight loss? Here are a few tips suggested by Health and Fitness Expert, Mamta Dagar:

How can I lose fat without losing weight
  • Do muscle building exercise on a regular basis.
  • Eat proper balanced meal rich in all nutrition.
  • Eat carbs according to your daily activities.
  • Do not follow extreme diets such as intermittent diet or GM diet etc.

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