How inch loss happens without losing weight?

Weight loss is an idea that is idolized by many people. Imagine waking up one morning, getting ready for office and when you try on an old pair of jeans, it fits you perfectly. The satisfaction of losing those extra inches and getting into a slimmer body is mesmerizing. It’s like a dream come true. But is it possible not losing weight but losing inches? Is inch loss without weight loss good or bad for our body? Let’s find out.

Inch loss without weight loss

So is inch loss but no weight loss possible? Well yes, in fact, it is even healthier and beneficial. The extra weight in our body is due to two-component, muscles and fats. Our muscles are more densely packed as compared to fat, and occupy lesser space than it. So when our body undergoes a process in which it loses fat and gains an equal amount of muscles in place of it we see a difference in inches without any weight loss. It’s like one of those primary school riddles, which one will weigh heavier 1 kg of cotton or 1 kg of iron. Well both of them will weigh the same right? As 1 Kg of anything will weigh the same, the only change that we will observe is in the area it occupies. The same is the case with muscles and fat. Suppose you shed 5 kg of fat and gain 5 kg of muscles your weight won’t show any change however since muscle occupies lesser space than fat, it will be visible n your inches lost.

inch loss vs weight loss

Is it better?

Well yes. Losing your inches without losing your weight is difficult as gaining muscle is a tough job to do while losing only fat, but it is far more beneficial too as the muscle gained provides a healthier and fitter body. Benefits of inch loss without weight loss are:

  • Due to fat loss without muscle loss, the body gets slimmer and stronger.
  • The new muscle gains boost up body metabolism and strengthen our immune system.
  • Since there is only fat loss, the body becomes more active.
  • The organ systems are strengthened and works more efficiently as they receive more oxygen
  • You get your desire figure and body in a healthier and fitter manner.

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