How much protein do you need in a day?

Protein is a very essential part of our daily nutrients. It is very beneficial for our body in many ways. It boosts our body metabolism and strengthens our immune system. It is a very important diet component in muscle building training. However excessive of anything is not good. Therefore you should know that how much protein do you need in a day and how much protein is too much.

We had a conversation with Health and Fitness Expert Mamta Dagar and this is what she has to say, “How much protein do you need in a day? it is a very general question. The protein requirement of an individual depends upon the body mass and the daily activities of that individual. There is no fixed amount of protein that you can generalize and assign to everyone. We can give a general average requirement for a start which may vary as per your condition. If you want an accurate number, you should go for a professional who can make a diet plan as per your body requirements.”

Average protein requirement of an individual

Though How much protein do you need in a day is not generalized, we can give an average generalized requirement as per your age, gender, and health goals.

  • For children in developing age: Protein requirements for children are based upon their developmental stage. In general, an average of 1 gram protein per body weight (in Kg) is considered sufficient for a child in a day.
  • For an individual in everyday life: Studies have shown that protein requirement for a teenager or a full-grown individual varies between 0.7 g-0.9 g per body weight (in Kg) per day. How much protein is too much for a woman varies during pregnancy and breastfeeding, increasing the requirement by an average of 0.4-0.5 g per body weight (in Kg).
  • For the elderly to maintain muscle mass: Aging results in loss of muscles. Hence it is recommended that in average an elder person’s (>60 years) protein intake should be in between 1.2g-2.0g per body weight (in Kg) so that they can maintain their muscle mass
  • For individuals aiming for weight loss: How much protein per day to lose weight is required again depends upon your workout routine and other activities. An average of 1.6g-2.2g protein per body weight (in Kg) is required in general. However, in case of athletes and proper muscle builders, this requirement may increase to 2.2g-3.4g protein per body weight (in Kg).
how much protein is too much

This is just an average general number for how much protein do you need in a day. For more specific results you can consult an expert and get a customized diet plan for yourself.

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