How to avoid weight gain during winters?

Winters are around the corner and we need to take special care of our body during winters as we stay concerned about many things like dry skin, weight gain etc.

7 ways to keep in mind during winters.

1. Keep exercising regularly  

Don’t let the winters make you lazy just keep doing daily exercise to maintain your weight. Exercise in winter can provide more benefit than exercise during the rest of the year because it specifically answers our winter body needs.

2. Drink lots of water

During winters naturally, We tend to drink less water which impacts health a lot. Drink water even you don’t feel thirsty. This will keep you hydrated which will help you in keeping your skin healthy. For muscle building, It is very important to keep your body hydrated all the time. Drinking water before, during and after cold-weather workouts helps maintain peak performance, protect the body from injury and stay warm from start to finish.

3. Importance of vegetables

Eating lots of vegetables gives every required minerals to our body. In winters we can find more green vegetables than summer which are really a gift from heaven. Winters are the time when we can take advantage of vegetables.

4. Choose lean proteins 

Well, this is not only for winters but we need to take special care in winters. because Our body sweats less in winters so it is easy to gain weight or fat.  So avoid fats or gaining food in this season. Lean Protein has very little fat. You can have low-fat dairy products in lean proteins.

5. Weight yourself regularly 

Keep checking your weight time to time and keep a track on it. You’ll also get encouraged by weight loss, and that will keep you hammering toward your goal even when those cold mornings make a trip to the gym seem like hell.

6. Never go to a party hungry  

When you are going to some party or for somewhere where you have to eat outside keep in mind don’t go empty stomach. Try to eat at home and then leave this way you can avoid cravings of party food or you will eat less.

7. Be wary of alcohol 

Alcohol puts the brakes on fat loss if you were on diet or on your fat loss journey, Stick to that. Alcohol can stop you moving towards your goal. We know what you’re thinking: Easier said than done. Since drinking (typically) occurs in a social setting, it can feel weird to not order a drink. So here’s what you do: Get your first one, sip slowly, and then switch to a club soda with lime on your second order—no one will know it’s vodka-free. The added bonus to drinking slowly: You won’t risk getting tipsy and reaching for fatty foods or overeating, both of which you’ll likely feel bad about the next morning.


Do not let winters effects you. The only key to staying healthy during this season is drinking plenty of water. keep a track on how much is your water intake in a day. This should not depend on your will to have water instead you should drink without your will according to how much your body needs. Second, Exercise is the key, Sweating of your body once in a day is must to keep it healthy.

Hope you find this article helpful.

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