How to choose your fruits and vegetables?
Shape and You

Fruits and vegetables are considered a health symbol but the fruits and vegetables we are eating can we actually consider healthy? Technology has helped a lot but it sure does have degraded our food quality. The fruits and vegetables we are getting in the market are lowering in the value of nutritious content day by day and in such scenarios, it is important that we know how to distinguish. So how to select fresh fruits and vegetables? How to check the quality of fruits and vegetables? Which are high fiber vegetables and quality fruits? Let’s find out.

Know your fruits and vegetables

It is difficult nowadays to distinguish between good and bad fruits and vegetables but if you keep an eye for a few marks, you will be good to go. So here are a few ways you can difference the good from bad and eat a better and healthy meal.

  • Texture: Texture speaks a lot. While selecting your fruit or vegetables make sure it is firm and lump-free. The fruit or vegetable should not have any unnecessary soft spots on it and there should be uniformity in the shape and size of it. The fruit and vegetable should be tender tough and turgid.
quality fruits
  • Looks: When talking about looks the vegetable or fruit you select should be evenly colored and should not have any patches or pigmentation. Every fruit or vegetable has a very unique and specific color so make sure that the color is natural and the fruit or vegetable looks fresh.
how to select fresh fruits and vegetables


  • Season: In today’s world we get almost every fruit and vegetable all the year round which mind sound nice but it is actually not. Most of the non seasonal fruit and vegetables that we get are not naturally grown but are the result of a lot of chemicals. These chemicals not only reduce the integrity of the fruit or vegetable, but also may make them quite harmful to our health. So make sure while you are shopping for your meal you only buy the fruits and vegetables that are seasonal.
how to check the quality of fruits and vegetables

So keep in mind the above points before you go shopping and make sure you enjoy all the benefits of these fruits and vegetables while being safe and have a healthy and fit tomorrow.

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