How to get rid of workout muscle pain

Fitness has become a priority for a lot of people nowadays. Any day just feels incomplete without a proper workout session. In such a scenario, muscle pain is a very common thing. Muscle pain after the gym, muscle pain after a workout, muscle pain after weight lifting in fact muscle pain after weight loss too are a few very general complaints amongst people. Well skipping workouts is not an option and muscle pain medicine, may provide temporary relief, but in the long run, they have their own side effects. So what is the solution? Well don’t worry, that is exactly what we are going to discuss today.

How to get rid of muscle pain

Progress gradually: If you are a new bee in the field, don’t directly jump for the intense workout. Maintain a gradual progression towards your goal. Start with something light and then slowly move forward as per your pace.

Stay hydrated: It is very necessary for your muscles and body to have ample hydration during and after a workout. This won’t just help in workout muscle pain recovery, but will also help in the body’s waste product excretion.

Garlic in warm oil: This may sound old school, but applying warm oil with crushed garlic in it, on the areas with muscle soreness and muscle pain, works like magic in workout muscle pain treatment. It reduces the redness and the soreness of muscles within an hour.

Warm bath: Taking warm baths after a workout plays an amazing role in workout muscle pain relief. The heat increases the circulation of blood in the body, thus lowering the muscle pain and relaxing the sore muscles of the body.

Stay regular: Skipping workouts does not allow your muscle to get use to regular sessions which is why the intensity of muscle pain increases every time one goes for a workout which is not good for the body. Having a cheat day once in a while is fine, but it is very necessary to be regular with your workouts.

Follow these small steps and you won’t have to cry out of pain every time after a workout session and you can have a painless healthy and fit life.

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