How yoga changed my life? Get your answers.

“Yoga changed everything. Yoga saved my life”.

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of workout regime in history. Lately, even science has been forced to accept its benefits. Many people have doubts regarding its efficiency like can yoga change your personality? Can Yoga change your body shape? Well, let’s see.

Yoga changed my life.

I love my both my family and my career but the daily exhaustion of a busy schedule was impacting my health adversely. With time it was getting difficult to keep up so I decided to bring a change and that is why I started yoga. In starting I too had my own doubts and questions regarding it but with time as I started noticing the change in me both physical and mental, my questions answered itself. Within a month or so I was able to discover the new me. So here I am to discuss everything that Yoga changed in my life.

Can Yoga change your body shape

Mental changes: Yoga consists of many well-researched breathing exercises that help in relaxing your body. It lifts up the stress and helps in providing a calm surrounding to your body releasing it from all kind of pressure. It lifts up your mood thus helping you fight depression and the relaxation acquired by your body, reduces your anxiousness about all situations. Practicing yoga regularly also helps you in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle and thus providing freshness every day. Psychology has accepted its health benefits in many disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Mania, ADHD and many more.

Physical changes: Yoga has successfully shown in providing physical benefits too. Different postures in Yoga contribute to different fitness goals. Apart from boosting up your body metabolism and strengthening your immunity system, it strengthens your heart, livers and kidney as well. Yoga also helps in controlling your snoring or heavy breathing during sleep. It increases your lung capacity and enriches the blood with more oxygen content. Yoga has shown amazing results in weight loss when the routine is done at a pace. Slow pace Yoga with the proper holding of every position has shown to contribute to muscle mass development.

yoga change your personality

So, at last, I would suggest that you include yoga in your daily schedule from today itself and let us know how yoga changed your life?

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