Is it safe or not to workout during periods?

One of the many challenges that a woman faces is periods and workout during periods. There are a lot of doubts regarding workout during periods like; can i go to gym during periods? Can we do exercise during periods? What are the exercises to do during periods? Well as opposing to the common belief, the answer is yes, one should go for workout during periods. Its quit beneficial to exercise during menstruation. Let’s see how.

How workout during periods helps?

  • Workout and exercise, in general, helps in lifting up our mood by releasing endorphins which is a mood elevator. Thus continuing to exercise during periods actually helps in controlling the mood swings and keeps us in a good mood.
  • Studies have shown that female hormones are comparatively reduced during periods. So whatever exercise or workout we do results in greater power and strength gain.
  • Exercises and workouts help in enhancing blood circulation throughout our body reducing headaches, back pain, and cramps. It has also shown results in reducing the symptoms of painful periods.
exercise during period

Dos and don’ts in a workout during periods.

Light walking during periods has been proven beneficial for cramps during periods. Low-intensity cardio or aerobics keep the pain in check and. The end days show the enlargement in lung capacity hence these cardiovascular exercises are preferred to perform during that time. Also since there is an increase in the impact of strength-building exercises, it is generally suggested to perform some low volume power building and strength-building exercises. Apart from these yoga helps in relaxing your body and calming down so doing you during the days prior to your periods helps in easing out the menstruating process.

can we do exercise during periods

As per the don’ts are considered, there are no such exercises that you should avoid during periods. However, there are a few workouts that you might find uncomfortable according to your own personal menstruation symptoms. For example, girls who have extreme pelvic pains during periods should avoid squats and stretches, women suffering from extreme cramps and back pain should avoid doing crunches. In general, try avoiding anything with high intensity and go for more light and low volume exercises.

So basically there is no harm in doing workout during periods, just understand your body capabilities and work accordingly to have a healthy tomorrow.

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