Keep your heart healthy

While a nutritional and balanced diet is the first step towards having a healthy heart, there are also a bunch of exercises that can help you get there. Even taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day can make a big difference.

High cholesterol, irregular blood pleasure level and hypertension is something most people complain about these days. To address this emerging problem, World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 every year to create awareness about cardiovascular diseases.

This World Heart Day, I am delighted to share with you all I visited Anytime Fitness, Rajouri Garden bloggers meet and had a wonderfull experience. Let me take you all to the experience I had there.

Started with Zumba Session
Zumba targets lots of different muscle groups at once for total body toning. Boosts your heart health. You not only get aerobic benefits (it really gets your heart rate up!), you also get anaerobic benefits – the kind that help you maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system. Helps you de-stress.

followed by functional training, Oh wait! Let me explain a bit about functional training why I like it most why it is best kind of workout for every age group.

Functional training improves your flexibility, mobility, core stability, balance and strength training principles to keep your body constantly challenged in all areas of a strong, healthy and vibrant body. By training your muscles to work the way they do in everyday tasks, you prepare your body to perform well in a variety of common situations. Functional fitness exercises can be done at home or at the gym. Exercise tools, such as fitness balls, kettle bells and weights, are often used in functional fitness workouts.

These are not enough, We can’t ignore our nutrition to achieve any fitness goal. Finally learnt a lot from the experts of Anytime Fitness who told us very well about the nutrition and fitness myths.

What I liked most about Anytime Fitness is “IT IS 24 Hours OPEN”.
Except the timing let me tell you all little more about the brand Anytime Fitness

We are not always in the same city and travelling makes literally a gap to our fitness regime. So, Anytime Fitness would not make you restricted to one city only as they are globally available. Once you become the member of anytime fitness You can access any of their gym.

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