Keto diet – good or bad?

We are here to discuss upon Keto Diet today and the use of Keto for weight loss. But first of all let’s get to know what Keto Diet is. The term Keto comes from the word Ketosis which is a metabolic state of the body, in which the body is provided with its fuel to run via fat. Therefore Keto diet plans instruct to consume food which is low on Carbohydrates (which act as an alternative fuel for the body) and more on fat content with required amount of proteins. It was initially used as a remedy for epilepsy in children.

weight loss plan

As a weight loss plan

Keto diet has gained its popularity in recent times and a lot of people are using Keto for weight loss. Keto diet, conditions a body to acquire a state of ketosis as a natural form so that it gets use to burning and using fat as body fuel instead of carbohydrates. Keto diet for beginners mostly comprises of meals which have a lowered amount of carbohydrate and higher amount of fat than they generally consume. They can use a cyclic period in which they keep 5 days for keto meals and the rest of the two days they can consume proper amount of carbohydrates.

A typical keto diets food consists of meat, fatty fish, butter and other milk products, eggs, nuts, olives, avocados etc. Beef, bacon, bun-less burgers, cheese omelets are a few keto diet meals that an individual can consume in his/her diet plan.

What’s there to lose apart from weight?

Keto for weight loss sounds like a very user friendly diet plan. I mean, who would refuse cheese, eggs and meat when they come with weight loss. But there is always a hidden reality to such over appealing diet plans. Keto diet alternates the natural body functioning and conditions it to design a new normalcy to trigger weight loss. Change in natural course may result in

  • Fatigue sensations
  • Excessive hunger & thirst
  • Lightheadedness
  • Excessive sweating

Apart from this many people often complain of flu-like conditions, also known as Keto-Flu, in which they feel very dull and low. Their stomach feels weak and they may have trouble with sleeping. Nausea and reduced performance efficiency can also be a part of it.

Population limitations

Now talking about the Indian population which consume proper amount of carbohydrates in every meal thrice a day, it’s very non practical to follow and get through with Keto for weight loss in the long run. It’s very difficult to eliminate carbohydrates in our daily meal. Our body is use to having rice and rotis and other carbohydrates enriched foods. Teaching our body to breakup with all these may work for a while but with time it may reduce our motivation towards weight loss and no amount of rebounds will help in this case. Indian population needs their part of carbohydrates on a regular basis to work efficiently and healthily both mentally and physically.

Therefore I suggest a diet plan which can be more realistic and can be followed for a long term. An adequate amount of all nutrients is necessary for the body to function properly and depriving it of one while overdosing it with another might give you a slimmer body but that won’t be a healthy body. If you want a healthy weight loss you should

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet containing all the nutrients
  • Include exercise in your daily routine
  • Practice Yoga and meditation on a regular basis

Practicing these steps rather than Keto Diet Plans will not just give you a healthy but also a more long-lasting result.

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