Know the yoga and diet for irregular periods
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Periods are one thing that as a woman we both love and hate. We just can’t complaining when we are on our periods, but in case we don’t have it regularly, that bothers us even more. Irregular periods have become a very common issue in recent time and we all seek for a solution. So if you are finding about diet for irregular periods or yoga for irregular periods, foods that regulate period, irregular periods reasons, irregular periods home remedy, how to overcome irregular periods naturally, yoga poses during period or yoga for periods to come fast, you are at the right place, as we will be answering all of it.

Diet for irregular periods

Before knowing about the diet for irregular periods, we need to know what the main reasons are for irregular periods. Well PCOS & PCOD can be a reason for irregular periods, in that case, it is suggested to contact a doctor as soon as possible and get proper treatment. In the absence of that issue, some other issues that may cause irregular periods are hormonal imbalance, overweight or underweight, deficiency of calories, too much exercise, low hemoglobin count or some medication. Diet for irregular periods that are beneficial are:

Cinnamon: It provides warmth to the body that helps in inducing periods. Drinking a spoon of cinnamon in warm milk on a regular basis helps in regulating your menstruation.

irregular periods home remedy cinnamon

Pineapple: The bromelain enzyme present in pineapple helps in shedding the uterus lining and thus starting the period. It also increases white and red blood cell count thus helping with the blood flow.

foods that regulate period pineapple

Papaya: Papaya helps to contract the muscle fibers present in the uterus which in turn helps in regulation of the period cycle. But try to avoid eating it during periods.

foods that regulate period papaya

Fennel seed: Drinking fennel seed soaked in water overnight every morning helps in regulating our periods as it has an emmenagogue compound that is known for boosting the menstruation.

fennel seed for irregular period

Sesame seed: Sesame seed helps with irregular periods as they produce heat inside our body which helps in the regulation of menstruation flow.

Sesame seed for irregular period

Yoga for irregular periods

Yoga postures that help in regulating periods are:

Dhanurasana: Lie down on your belly and try to hold your ankles with both your hands from behind.

Dhanurasana pose yoga for periods to come fast

Ustrasana: Sit on your knees and keep your body straight above the knee. Then try to stretch and hold your ankles from the back.

ustrasana pose yoga poses during period

Padmasana: Fold your legs and keep your feet above each other. Keep your spine straight and sit on your hips.

padmasan pose yoga for irregular periods

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