No time for gym?

Staying healthy involves more than trips to the gym.your body does not care whether you are on the machine or just taking the stairs instead of using the elevator at work.

Anything that increases the heart rate will serve as cardio activity Lifestyle changes can be beneficial to your health as well.If you are looking to workout without belonging to a gym, there are plenty of bodyweight exercises that would allow you to stay in good health. Examples include pushups, planks, squats, and lunges. If basic body weight exercises become too easy, there are different ways to increase the difficulty. For example, for pushups you can raise your feet using a step or bench.

This can easily be achieved outside, aound your neighborhood, in a park, or if you own a piece of cardio equipment in your home.

To help you get started, I am listing some effective bodyweight exercises which you can do anywhere.

  • Upper Body: Push-Up.

  • Lower Body: Bodyweight Squat.

  • Lower Body: Bodyweight Lunges


  • Lower Body: Lying Gluteal Bridge


  • Core: Mountain Climber


  • Core: V-up

  • Core: Reverse Crunch

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