Combo Pack of 3
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Combo Pack of 3

16 Tea Bags Each (Fat Loss + Immunity + Sleeping)
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Fat Loss Tea

✅ Reduce Anxiety

✅ Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

✅ Boosts Your Metabolic Rate

✅ Reduces the Fat Percentage

✅ Perfect Pre-Workout Tea

✅ Helps in Detox the Body

Sleeping / Relax Tea

✅ May Improve Sleep Quality

✅ May Benefit Blood Sugar Control

✅ Reduce Bloating

✅ Rich in Antioxidants

Immunity Tea

✅ Full of Antioxidants

✅ Gives You Glowing Skin

✅ Flush Out The Toxins

✅ Helps In Detox The Body

✅ Strengthens Immunity



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Fat Loss Tea:

Fat loss tea is made using 100% natural ingredients like garcinia cambogia, lemon peel, fennel, ginger, lemongrass. It has no artificial flavours or additives thus promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Our Fat loss Green Tea is a natural flush for your system. This antioxidant-rich green tea will help your body to enhance the production of detoxification properties and also take care of your liver from the damaging effects of toxic substances.

Green tea is not only good for your physical health, but it could also keep you look great! A combined regimen of green tea cream and supplements enhance the elasticity of the skin which keep your skin look more youthful.

Green tea contains caffeine and a type of antioxidant, both of these compounds can speed up metabolism, therefore, green tea may be helpful in weight management by helping the body’s metabolism to be more efficient.

Immunity Tea:

Immunity is the key to good health! Traditional ayurvedic medicinal herbs in this tea help to strengthen the body’s immunity and overall well-being. Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of Vitamin C that boosts immunity & metabolism. Ashwagandha, the king of ayurvedic herbs is popularly consumed to reduce stress. Tulsi, Ginger, Turmeric, and other ingredients rich in antioxidants collectively help to elevate the body’s defense mechanism against diseases. Immunity Booster Tea, Ayurvedic Tea, Healthy Tea, Herbal Tea with Turmeric Tea, Ashwagandha Tea, Amla, Tulsi Tea, Giloy, Cinnamon Tea, Ginger Tea, Mint Tea, Fennel, Black Pepper.

Sleeping Tea:

Known for its multitude health benefits such as inducing sleep, aiding stress-relief, supporting digestion and more, Chamomile flower herbal infusions have widely gained popularity as a potent drink. This caffeine free tisane made from dry Chamomile flowers do not contain tea leaves and hence is absolutely free of caffeine and suitable for consuming before going to bed every night.

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