Want to lose kilos?

Have you been trying so hard to lose weight? Stop pressuring yourself. It is not so hard to do if you go step by step with little patience. Having a beach body ready or even shed some kilos is never a single day task. This is a long journey which wants dedication and patience. If you have tried lots of ways and got no success then the first thing I will ask you to do is, let’s reconsider the ways and give yourself some days break. 

 5 points which just needs your little dedication and patience. If you follow them these are surely going to help you in your weight loss journey.

1. Stay Motivated: Ask yourself, why? Why you want to lose weight and keep reminding yourself the reason. Except this, You can find a partner for yourself who is dedicated to their workout. Never forget it’s a long journey, Don’t get demotivated. Every single workout counts and makes changes in your body. Results will show up, keep maintaining consistency. Giving yourself healthy rewards along the way can do wonders for your weight loss motivation.

2. Habit check: Start working on habits Don’t change your lifestyle and all food habits all of sudden completely. If you have decided and fully motivated and you have opted a completely different lifestyle, This will not work in longer terms. After some days, You will lose motivation and will become negative. The right strategy is, start making changes in your habits one by one keeping in mind, You are changing this for forever. Don’t go for 2-3 months healthy eating and expect it to work.

Which habits need change and how: 

  • Set timings: Start setting a schedule which is the most important thing for your lifestyle change. You have to make it a priority. Right timings of eating, sleeping, working are important.
  • Choose food: You need to take care every time you put something on your plate. You must have heard “What you eat, is what you become. This is 100% true. Every time you eat is a chance to change your body. So always take care you are eating what your body needs, not your taste buds.
  • Drink lots of water: Start tracking, in a day, how many times you drink water. More water you will drink will help you in having a healthy life in many ways. To know every detail of benefit of water read this. 
  • Sleeping hours: This is so much important to sleep 8 hours in a day to keep the body healthy. Less sleeping hours won’t let you shed your weight.
3. Make exercise a part of your routine:  As eating is important for living, exercise is important for the right use of that food in the body. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Well, reasons, Why exercise is important to Keep in routine is uncountable. Of course, You need to workout at least 5 days a week. Start with the cardio for fat loss which will really help.


4. The right choice of food and Balanced diet:  Life is all about choice and this applies to food too. As we have heard, “What you think, you become” applies here,“your body tells your lifestyle. So right choice of food is the question, We need to know what is right food for us according to your body or your current fitness level. Your diet can’t be like somebody else. As everybody has a different body, so their diet is. To know what diet is for you check this.


5. Keep your goal realistic: “Set mini goals” is the key. Set goals according to your current level. Make a target of losing 2-3 kg’s in a month or according to your will and achieve them. Never compare yourself to anyone, Take every month progress picture and compare them. Expect progress, not perfection. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by seeking perfection or anyone else’s body.
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Hope you find this article helpful.

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