What is a good time to take whey protein

In the world of fitness usage of whey protein is a very common thing. People use whey protein as a supplement for various purposes. Whey protein has many benefits, however, to increase its efficiency one should always know about things like, what are the characteristics of a good quality whey protein, a good time to drink whey protein, best whey protein for woman etc. this is exactly what this article is all about.


Good ways to eat whey protein-

Once you get your whey protein, the best way to take your whey protein is by knowing the good time to drink whey protein. Well that all depend upon your level into the fitness regime. We had a little conversation with Health Expert Miss Mamta Dagar, and this is what she has to say “the quantity and timing of taking whey protein shake or whey protein powder depends on person to person and the kind of nutrition intake by them. We must take into consideration that whey protein in itself cannot compensate for a meal but only is only an add on to a healthy balanced diet. You cannot just skip meals and take overdoses of whey protein in its place as that will just adversely affect our health. Talking about the best whey protein for beginners, well they can start with one serving a day and gradually increase with their progress in workouts. For pro levels and athletes 2-3 serving of whey protein is suggested. They can distribute it evenly throughout the day or so. However, according to me the best time to take whey protein is after exercise whether you are a beginner, pro or athlete. That is when the whey protein works more efficiently”.

She further adds on “post-workout there is a protein synthesis window in which muscle recovery takes place that is why post-workout is the best time to consume protein. Apart from that, taking whey protein shakes and whey protein powder before sleep is also very beneficial as that too is a time for muscle recovery.”

We hope that this helps you in getting your answers on whey protein and you have a healthy and fit life ahead.

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