What is Corona? How to Prepare for Coronavirus
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Well if you are even mildly active on any social platform or have opened your television or have even touched a newspaper, you for sure must have heard of corona virus. Corona virus has impacted our lives globally and almost every person is talking about it. In such situations, it is obvious for doubts and misconceptions to find their way. Therefore it is necessary that you are careful about your source of information so that you can be well informed on the topic. So if you have questions like what actually is corona virus? How to prepare for coronavirus? What are coronavirus symptoms? Coronavirus cases in India, and coronavirus death. What is the coronavirus cure? Is there any corona tablet or corona vaccine? Well here are the answers.

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a set of viruses that may cause various health issues in an individual. The illness may range from simple cough and cold to serious respiratory syndrome which may lead to death. Some symptoms of coronavirus include cold, fever, cough, stomach ache, headache etc. As these problems are so general people don’t take it too seriously which further worsens the situation. As the severity increases, the symptoms too become more serious, such as, shortness of breath difficulty in breathing, respiratory problem, pneumonia, kidney failure and at last death.

what is corona virus

If we talk about corona virus India, recently there have been some positive cases here too. But coronavirus requires a much cooler climate to sustain properly making it vulnerable in hot temperature. This is why the virus outbreak is still in control in this country as compared to temperate countries however there I nothing wrong in keeping some precautions to be on the safe side such as;

  • Coronavirus is comparatively larger in size than our cell due to which it is mostly grounded and is not transmitted via air. So any kind of mask can be sufficient enough to prevent it.
  • The virus stays alive for 12 hours on metal surface and 9 hours on fabrics so make sure that your utensils and clothes are well cleaned and not left outside much.
  • On hands the virus is alive for generally 10 minutes so keep a hand sanitizer with you all the time and use it regularly especially before you consume your meal.
  • As mentioned earlier, coronavirus cannot sustain in hot temperature, therefore drinking hot water or exposure to sunlight can help in preventing the illness.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian make sure that the meat is properly cleaned and cooked properly before eating. Try to avoid eating nonveg from outside as they are one of the major sources for the virus to enter our body.

Follow the above precautions and stay aware and keep your eyes open to your environment so that you stay fit and healthy all the time.

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