White sugar or brown sugar, which one is better?

Many people now days are trying to switch to a healthy option for their everyday meal. Especially people who are regular with their workouts and training is very much conscious about what to eat and what not to eat. Given the image of white sugar in the market people often tend to believe that brown sugar is a healthy alternative to it. But is that really true? White sugar or brown sugar which is healthier? Let’s find out.

White sugar or Brown sugar, which way to go?

Both white sugar and brown sugar are almost equal in calorie content and fat content. The only major difference between the two is that brown sugar is white sugar plus water plus molasses. For those of you who are new to the term molasses, it is dark syrup-like by-product obtained while processing sugar from sugar cane. This syrup is added to the white sugar which gives the brown sugar its color and clumpy like texture. The syrup added makes a less sweet in taste and the water content brings down the calorie content by a very negligible amount (0.25 calorie less than white sugar calorie content per gram. So if you are considering brown sugar for weight loss, there is no such evidence supporting the hypothesis that brown sugar benefits for weight loss.

white sugar or brown sugar which is healthier

White sugar or Brown sugar for cooking purposes

Sugar is one of the key ingredients in baked products and desserts. Talking about brown sugar vs white sugar baking, it depends upon your taste buds, brown sugar is less sweet in taste and when added in baking, it gives a rich product however the texture may vary due to water content. It is however not opted in preparation of sauces as that requires sweetening so white sugar works better there.

brown sugar vs white sugar baking

Note from the expert (Health and Fitness Expert Mamta Dagar)

White sugar or brown sugar, both are equally risky for health. There is not much difference between the two. Their sweetness may vary a bit, but apart from that they both are almost equal on all other grounds”

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