why running is the best exercise

Running is among the best exercises for physical conditioning of your heart and lungs.Your stamina will increase. You’ll lose weight; most beginners lose nearly a pound a week. Just as important, running–like many forms of exercise — is a great cure for stress, emotional strain, even mild depression. You’ll likely find yourself with fewer headaches and more energy, patience, humor and creativity.

7 reasons why you should run

1. No equipment and do it anywhere: Running don’t require any machines, equipment or not even mats.  All you need is shoes, shorts and a shirt, you are ready to go. Just lace up your sneakers and get started. Moreover, you can run anywhere in the world without confining yourself in a room.

2. Aids in weight loss and fights against balloon bellies:  As you age, pounds just have their way of sticking around your bellies. Running is one of the best source for shredding off your burger bellies. By burning mega-calories in a single run, running assists in providing a check on your weight and the extras that you have gained.

3. Strengthen bones and increase bone density: Running benefits by making stronger bones by loading and remaking bones along with the muscles that lower-impact workouts ignore, keeping bones healthier even as they age. By stressing the bones, running helps in sending the essential minerals to the bones, thus increasing their density.

4. Instant energy boost: Oh feeling lethargic!! try going out for a run instead of loafing on the bed or couch and feel the difference in your energy level with just one run.

5. Relieves stress: Ready to scratch your brain out? Not only does running helps in increasing the brain’s serotonin level, running also benefits in remodeling your brain, making it calmer, relaxed and more stress resistance.

6. Improves self-esteem and confidence level: Well it is no secret that toned body you get from running not only helps in making your looks good but it enhances your self-esteem and confidence. Not only you will gain control over your body, but your life too. Thus, helps in making you more confident and eventually more social.

7. Helps you live longer: Need another reason?? Well, studies have proven that not only do runners have fewer health issues and remain active than their sluggishly dull counterparts, they actually do live longer. Yay!! Then why to wait, run to increase your life.


While running keep in mind if you think you can run fast, you are running efficiently, which isn’t the case. In fact, slow down to learn how to run farther, faster. “Slow down and wear a heart rate monitor to train smarter, not harder,” suggests Figueroa. Set your heart rate monitor to keep your running at the desired pace, and then don’t exceed that set pace. Your body will adapt, and then you’ll be able to run more comfortably at this pace, meaning you will be able to run faster without pushing any harder.

Hope you find this article helpful.

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