Why you should not follow western diet culture

In our everyday life, our busy schedule and running office makes it really hard to cook for ourselves and we often wind up settling for western diet culture which comprises generally of comfort food or junk food. So let’s find out what does the western diet consists of and why you should not follow western diet culture.

Talking about western diet culture

Talking about western diet facts, the key ingredients in western diet are red meat, processed food, butter, frozen food etc. all these foods are loaded with refined sugar, saturated fats, carbohydrates and a lot of calories. Most of them are insufficient in providing the body with essential nutrients and minerals and hard to digest.

western diet facts

Apart from this studies have shown that western diet culture often induces a lot of health issues like, increased heart rate, gastric problems, decreased metabolism, gastrointestinal diseases etc. one of the most common issues that are being faced is obesity. The fat and calorie content of the western diet leads to a pathway to obesity and binge eating. Most of the individuals following the western diet culture are either obese or on the verge of obesity. Due to low protein and mineral content of the body doesn’t get the required energy for any activity and becomes lethargic which furthermore degrades the condition.

Western diet VS Eastern diet

Western diet Eastern Diet
The food generally consists of meat and animal products. They have more processed food. The food generally consists of whole grains, fruits, seafood and lots of green vegetables.
Low on nutrients and minerals, but are high in fat and calories. Low on calories and high on essential minerals and nutrients.
Increases risks of health issues like stroke, obesity, heart diseases etc. Decreases risks of developing cancer, stroke, heart diseases, and other health issues.
Not good for weight loss plans It provides a healthy and fit weight loss regime.
western diet vs eastern diet

At the end, we are not suggesting a strict completely nonwestern diet plan, but there should be moderation on what to eat if you look forward to a healthy and fit life. So make an informed decision upon what you want to eat next.

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